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Glass & Blinds

A full range of glazing options are available with blinds or manifestations to meet building regulations or match corporate designs


A full range of glass and glazing services are offered as either a supply only or supply and fit. The Tenon systems can accommodate varying glazing configurations and glass thickness to achieve the required acoustic and fire performance without compromising on appearance.

Double Glazed doors

The Vitrage (dB) system can now offer new double glazed door when using either 10mm or 12mm glass giving ultimate performance and design flexibility.


Integral venetian blinds incorporated within the double glazed modules are available in over a hundred colours and finishes, with a choice of either 25mm or 15mm slat widths, venetian blinds offer coordinated colour options whilst maintaining a high level privacy for room occupants.


An alternative to venetian blinds and Building Regulations compliant, film applied manifestation is available allowing for personalised designs and corporate logos. Manifestation can be applied to all the Tenon systems. Start Play!